Don't Get Out Much

I don't get out much so it's always nice to get out of the workshop and get to see the real world... the other day I got the chance to do just that!

I know I'm very very lucky to be on TV and I don't mean to make light of that fact with my next statement but I went to Glasgow the other day to be filmed (tested out) for a new show. I had a great time in and outside of the filming so let me tell you more about my time there. 

Firstly, my hotel was really cool and I've never stayed in an Apex Hotel before but if I have anything to do with it, it definitely will not be the last time. My photos can't really give you the full experience but they will do for now. I don't want this to come across like I'm promoting or selling this because it's definitely not the case (I don't even know the cost of a room!). I just really liked the layout and the feel of the place. If you get the chance to stay in one please do tell me what you think. Plus I spotted a chair with one button and wondered why they got that idea from, great minds think alike.

While I was up in that neck of the woods, I just had to pop in and see Timorous Beasties shop. For me it's like going to an art gallery, I get so much inspiration from seeing their fabrics it gets my mind body and soul ready to start creating again. This was the fix I needed to give me that kick start to push the levels up again. I know we are knocking out some really beautiful work at the moment (not being big headed, it's just that if I'm not happy with an item, you guys don't get to see it) but I always want more from the work we produce. 

Surrounded by beautiful fabric what's a geezer to do after having a good old look and of course a prolonged feel? Think hard and of course buy something then rush back to the workshop. Only thing on my mind was to get creating, you will be pleased to to know that this week we will be mostly pushing out some GREAT work. Just you wait and see.

Have a great Week, Weekend, Month, Year and Life.


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