Fingers Crossed

Well I must say I just love setting myself goals and seeing if I can reach them and here is one of them.....

The Ercol 375 chair or as most people know it as "Fleur De Lys Dining Chair" is not at the top of the wish list. Its dark old Colonial colour is not to everyones taste and can be a real pain to sand back which takes a really long time. This is also reflected in the price people are selling them for, I have seen them for as cheap as £15 each! I know that is crazy for an Ercol piece... now that is a bargain!!! The only reason they are this price, is because they don't look as cool as the Ercol 493 Chair.

With this in mind I thought I should give this chair some attention. I have worked on so many (if not all) of Ercol's chairs over the years but never this one. So my goal was to make this chair even cooler than it already is. I wanted to do this to push myself to create a new design from an existing design that will belong to our XXX Range. Which is to find pieces of furniture that would normally be looked over by buyers (because they are not stylish enough or have a name attached to them). What people don't realise is that the shape, craftsmanship or wood is to die for. I aim to embellish them without taking away the real, lived in character but still keeping them:

Simple, Stylish, Sophisticated, Sumptuous and of course Sexy.

My goal has been set now so all I have to do, is reach it. I think I can do it (I say with my fingers crossed) but the real proof will be if anyone buys it or them. It's all well and good me making things I like but the true test (for any maker)  is, does any body else want what you have done?

Watch this space and wish me luck!

Jay Blades