Rough with the Smooth

Hello everyone, hope you are well. This might be the shortest blog I will ever do…

Lately we have be producing some really great work and I'm so proud to be part of what we are doing. The chairs and the fabric are just working so well together even if I do say so myself, (I know you guys thinks so too!)

The main thing about this blog is the rough times I have to deal with. Many of the young people I deal with are from very different backgrounds and their lives can be up and down to say the least. A young person I worked with a few years ago had just been sentenced for doing a crime and I'm not very happy to see his face in the paper. There is a few more things that have happened in the last week, i don't want to put to much of a downer on your Monday, so I’ll try and leave it on a upward beat.

The main reason I do the work that I do with furniture is to show young people how easy it is to turn your life around with the right support. Plus we can make something great from nothing (i.e. a chair we find on the roadside), this helps me to show them that we must be able to do the same with our life. 

So I know you guys see the end result of my furniture and think WOW but for me the real WOW work is with the young people… showing them that life can dish out the rough with the smooth and how to deal with it. 

“It’s time to do what’s right, not what’s easy.”  And remember, when the task is a big one, do just a little bit of it every day.  Even the tiniest daily ritual changes everything in the long run.

So to finish this blog, let me leave you with this thought:

You are what you do today, not what you say you’ll do tomorrow.

Support a local charity group! 

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