1000 Trades

Last Sunday I ran a session at 1000 Trades in Birmingham jewellery quarter. It's a new place that has the claim to fame of having some of my furniture. Also it's a listed building and run by two really nice guys, John and Jonathan. In the morning I woke up with a really bad tummy ache, I know some of you will be saying just had a little touch of the man flu. I'll have you know I believe it's a stomach ulcer (and I'm getting it sorted) and I will not give you all of the gory details but all I will say is, me and the bathroom became very friendly. As they say in show business, the show must go on. So I packed up my tools and headed off over to Birmingham. 

I was most definitely not feeling 100% but I remembered a work ethic my friend told me, (Gok Wan, just had to name drop there) "if you said you would do something, don't complain while doing it, just get on and do it" so with that ringing in my ears I entered 1000 Trades, put a smile on my face and set myself up, ready for the workshop. 

The workshop was the same one I always deliver which is nothing too hard, so that gave me great comfort knowing that I'll be doing something that I was used to doing especially as the pain was, becoming a little bit annoying. 

I had a great bunch of people and I only realised this, on the way home. I'll tell you why, as I started the workshop and got talking to people, it made the pain in my tummy go away then I got the pain back when I got home. So to the people who helped me get better, Thank you so much for being my doctors, your questions, laughter and stories of NOT buying a £5 table that is worth £100, took me to a place i needed to be.

The other thing was Jonathan took some really great photographs of me, in action. It might sound a bit big headed of me but I don't like photos (i don't even watch myself on TV) of myself but these ones are bang on and I don't look to bad. So thank you guys for having and supporting me in my time of need. 

Jay Blades