Stop it!

I've had my very first ever all inclusive holiday break and I must say, I LOVED it. 

I was told that you can eat as much as you want and when you want. “Stop it!” Is what I said to that, ok let's get this party started where do I sign up?

Lately I have been eating really really well, five meals a day and sometimes I have two puddings, one at lunchtime then dinner. “Where are you putting it all?” I hear you say, well I work really hard and I do push ups and sit ups every morning. I think that’s what keeps my weight down. So it looks like I have been in training for this break just like an athlete. 

I went to Gran Canaria! It was an easy flight then I got on a coach with loads of people to be transferred to the hotel. The driver spoke pigeon English, I didn't know where I was going but he did. Off we went, as we got to hotels he would call them out but to tell the truth, I didn't have a Danny Larue (clue) what he was saying! Lucky thing was when I got to my hotel, he gave me the nod, he got the bag out and said ‘oi come on’. 

Checked in and went to the room, all good but where's the food? Lucky thing was I got there just in time before the canteen closed and I did have some fun but I was waiting for breakfast, really.   

So here we go…

Day one:


Watermelon, melon, grapes, pickles and some cheese. 

4 Egg Omelette, sausage egg and chips. Had some real fresh fruit juice. 

Then I rested for about 2 hours then I hit the gym for an hour, mainly to work the food off. 


Salad, fish and chips followed by chocolate chip ice cream… not done yet, I had to go back again for another fish and chips (dammmmn they were nice!). Then last thing, apple cake with ice cream. 

You know the drill, I rested for about 2 hours then I hit the gym for another hour. 

Dinner time, I don't think you want to know lets just say that i got my money's worth. 😊😊😊

If you have never had a holiday like this I would highly recommend it, or is it just me the only person that has never done one. 

LifeJay Blades