You know when you meet someone new, you are on you're best behaviour and you watch you're Ps and Qs, listen to what they have to say and just generally make an effort. So as we all do this because it's the social norm, why, oh why do many not even make an effort with their clothes. What has happened... people don’t really make an effort anymore? 

The other day I was in a restaurant and I saw another family having dinner. As I was enjoying my food, I didn't really do any people watching at the time. One family had finished their meal and now it was time for them to leave. When they got up they had to pass my table and that's when it hit me... "what is it?" I hear you say. Well, the Dad had on a tracksuit (and not a posh one, not making that ok), Mum had on a tracksuit and the two children had on (go on have a guess) jeans and t-shirts. Some of you might say what's wrong with that but for me eating out is a real luxury and I make any effort when I do it. 

After they had left, I looked around (people watching) the restaurant and I have to be honest, I was very disappointed with what I was seeing. There wasn't a lot of people in there that had made an effort and it looked like this was the norm. 

Now don't get me wrong I'm not asking everyone to dress up all the time but I've even seen people going to the shops in their night clothes, dressing gown and slippers, not driving but walking down the street! I know what your thinking, 'Jay I bet they were just getting their morning milk'... No this was about 2pm, now come on really is this the shape of  things to come?

I'm not having a go at people that wear jeans or tracksuit, as I have some of the above items in my wardrobe. What I am saying is there is a place and time to wear these items!

People have often asked me “do you really paint with your white shirt on and why?”

I like to wear a white shirt most of the time I’m doing work, especially painting. I do this for 2 reasons:

  1. I believe if I wear nice clothes, I will be very careful not to get any paint on them. This means I get all of the paint on the unit I’m painting and not on myself. Trust me it works (95% of the time)... the Money for Nothing show on BBC1 was in that 5%, take a look its funny what happens to the shirt!

  2. The other reason I like to dress smart, is because when I look back to the 1920s/1950s people used to wear a suit to work in the factories and after a days work they all looked smart still. I have been train by master crafts men and women, some of whom were from that time. As a mark of respect to them, I make an effort at work.

When I am training young people I tell them the same thing, if you put some effort in you receive a lot in return.

We are helping them to make an effort with the colours or fabric we add to them,  it dresses them up for a new home.

“Where are you going?”  is what you often hear people saying but that shouldn't matter as you should take pride in yourself at all times. 

Effort is an important aspect of life. Not just with your clothes but in everything you do. So remember that next time you meet someone or try something new, give it your best shot! 

Jay Blades