Bad Dad

The other day my son (21 years old) sent me a text at 12.30am asking me if I was up. Most and if not all parents would get worried if they received a text like that from their son. It could have been anything but as parents we always expect the worst. As I was not up I couldn't reply him, so on came the morning and I text him back: "I'm up now, is everything ok?" I wasn't really worried as I knew nothing was wrong because I hadn't received loads of calls or texts. I got a text back saying "Dad watch this then call me back." There was a YouTube link which I pressed and it took me to a video. I found the video funny but it didn't really make me laugh that much, so it slipped my mind to call him back (I know Bad Dad!).

2 hours later my son called me saying "did you watch it?" Before I could answer him, he burst out laughing and he tried to tell me how funny the clip was but he could not stop laughing and I mean real hard. (To the extent I had to ask him if he was ok!) It took us about 5-8 minutes before I could understand why he found this video so funny and I mean really funny. So from 12.30am he found this funny and it was now 1pm & I mean he was in hysterics.  

So this is what he said to after I asked him what was so funny...

"Well, dad my friend showed me this YouTube video last night and I couldn't stop laughing. I was laughing so hard and loud Mum, neighbours & my friend told me to take it easy". 

I said "the clip was funny but not that funny?!" What he said to me after brought a tear to my eye. 

"Dad the clip was not really that funny but what was making me laugh so hard, was the thought of laughing with you." 

I was like WOWWW inside, then he continued to say. 

"Just the thought that you would find it funny and we could laugh together was enough to set me off. We always have a laugh and we laugh so hard about things and we bounce of each other, arhhhhh dad I Love you."

That was it for me, it made me see my sons and daughter in a completely different light. I Love them to bits but I really really, I mean really enjoy laughing with them so much.  

In life we worry about so many things but we never worry about when are we going to laugh next. I know that sentence sounds wrong but think about it, if we were to worry more about the next laughter outburst the world might be a better place. 

I have brought my kids up to enjoy life to the max and laugh as much as they can, it's good for the soul. So if my 21 year old can find laughing with me keeps him going for over 12 hours, then that's got to be a good thing. 

So, my only advice is to laugh as much as you can especially with your children. It's the simple things that matter and that last the longest. 

Have a great week, from me and my children (all of them that I have laughed with, you know who you are).

LifeJay Blades