Thank you Mummy

Where have all the manners gone? 

I am truly amazed by the lack of manners shown by people these days. 

I was always taught by my Mum to say thank you and please, which I have of course passed down to my children. Hold the door open for others (especially ladies), to give up your seat for a more needy person (even if it doesn't have the blue badge on it). Even when I'm walking with my children on the pavement, I always walk on the side closest to the road. This is not only to protect them but also to teach them how to treat their children or partners. 

So it makes me wonder, where have all of the manners gone?

Let me explain…

I opened the door for a lady, she must have been about 86 years old. She stopped at the door and gave me the biggest smile ever and said "Thank you so much, I can't remember the last time a Gentleman of your age opened a door for me and waited". She didn't move that quick. 

I was at the top of the stairs and I saw a family coming up, so I waited for them to reach the top before I continued my journey down. As they passed me I looked at the father 1st, he never said a word. Ok I know Mum always knows best and can identify a real gentleman, she walked passed me as if I was a Mirage, then of course the two children passed which I expected nothing from them as they have some great Teachers. So what do you think they did? Yeah you’re right, they walked right past me. 

As I walked down the stairs it hit me, how many times has that happened to me? LOADS! A simple thank you or if you can't manage that a basic nod or smile would do. 

How can a society that exists on instant mashed potatoes, packaged cake mixes, frozen dinners, and instant cameras teach patience to its young?

I Love the Old times because they taught us how to act towards each other, which is just plain and simple good manners. 

I was in an African Caribbean restaurant the other day and in there was a couple about, 89- 93 years old having lunch together. I greeted them with a "Good Afternoon" (just the way mummy has taught me) and of course I got one back, along with a beautiful helping of eye contact. I sat down and started to eat my lunch as I got half way through it, the couple had finished and paid, as they was leaving I offered to help them with their bags and also escorted the lady down the stairs… I obviously asked her husband 1st and he said that was ok.  When I got them to their taxi the lady told me"come here, closer no Closer" as I got near to her face she kissed me and said "Thank you for helping us, The only gentleman I know is the one I've married and he's right here beside me, and it's his qualities that have keep me in love with him, Great Manners" then she said "go and eat your lunch before it gets cold". As i turned to go back into the shop her husband grabbed my hands, I thought I was in trouble now. He just took my right hand and shook it and said "Manners will last much longer than anything else and people will always remember you for it, so don't ever lose them and say thank you to your Mother for me please.”

So this is a two folded message:

Message One

Please teach everyone you come into contact with, some simple manners. Do for them, what you want them to do for you. 

Message Two

Thank you Mummy. 

I love and thank you for teaching me Good Manners. You have made sure that having Manners is a way of you always being with me. So you have made me a Gentleman to teach my children 1st then whoever else I come into contact with. 

LifeJay Blades