That's a Bit Strong

Life is a really funny thing... you get the rough with the smooth, hot then cold, sunshine then rain and in my case (or the case of this blog) the arrogance with the bliss.

Sometimes in life you come across people that have the arrogance of a person that splashes someone standing on the pavement, when it's pouring down with rain. I've never met a slave owner but this person reminded me of how I would imagine one to be. I know that might be a bit strong and I apologise to anyone i may have, offend but I really wanted you to get my point.

So that's done.

The past four days I've been working in a lovely little village just outside Hull, with the most beautiful, kind and humble couple. They have both been through a hell of a lot but still are able to live life to the fullest and give me great advice, which I am most definitely going to follow. I love begin around people like this because it grounds me, BIG time. Keeping my feet on the ground and staying true to myself is so important to me,  that people like this remind me of who I am. 

When someone is being hurtful, you can learn from them. They might try to hurt you with the words they are using but remember, inside they are really hurting and all they need is a hug from someone other than you. 

When you meet kind people enjoy every minute, hour and day you are with them. Life teaches us so much but sometimes we miss the most important lessons. Everyone we come into contact with, whether you have a bad experience or a good one... there is a reason why we have them in our life. Sometimes we just need to drop our ego and continue to learn and grow.

So with this in mind I would just like to thank everyone that has come into my life, you ALL have got me to to this place and I am for ever indebted to you.