The Governor

Sometimes in life we have an opinion of someone and think we know them (because you see them on TV) but you don't really. The TV has a lovely way of placing people into our front rooms and allowing us to get to know them BUT do we really know them?

This question I have asked myself a few times when I watch TV: How much is just an act for the cameras to allow us to keep tuning in and get those ratings up? So when I got the chance to do some TV work, that very question could be answered. I have been extremely fortunate to meet a number of people from the TV world and they all come across the same way as they do on screen. But this guy I've been working with lately has blown my mind, the young gentleman I'm talking about is Gok Wan (aka The Governor). He has taken us under his wing and shown us a side to celebrities that is rare, humbling, educational, insightful and giving a dam about people.

It's not only about the people in front of the cameras, there is always a massive team working super hard to make the show a success. The people in the office pulling everything together and I mean EVERYTHING... from travel to and from locations, hotels, food, venue and even the little touches like fresh fruit in your room everyday. The runners, hair and makeup artist, stylist, producers, executive producers, camera men, sound team, lighting guys, directors and then you have the BIG bosses. They all work so hard to look after the guys in front of the lens! Wow... I can only say thank you all for making me feel 110% part of the family. I just wanted to say for the record I think we made something very magical, just saying. 

As for The Governor... well what can I say about this guy. If you ever get the chance to work with him, you will understand what I am saying. He is not just GOOD at what he does but he's REALLY REALLY GOOD. The governor knows how to make people feel welcome and how to include you, even the smallest member of the team. He makes everyone feel truly valued, he doesn't believe anyone is lower than anyone else, it's a gift that not many have.

He makes the working day pass so quickly with, non stop jokes, innuendos, pulling my leg and winding me up, all the bloody time. I didn't know how gullible I was until this last week. I don't think I have ever seen him feeling or looking down in the last week. I don't know how he can keep those kind of energy levels up, that high for that amount of time? I would need some form of music and food to keep me bubbling. On that note, the governor likes old school reggae and lovers rock (if you don't know ill give you a few names here) people like Sandra Cross, Beres Hammond and Tarsus Riley. So of course I had to put him to the test and sure enough he passed. The test was that I played a few tunes and see his reaction. Wow the Gov can move!!!!! As some of these artists are the same ones that I grew up listening to, it was a real joy to find a kind soul, which made me feel right at home. His reply to me was "just because I'm gay doesn't mean I can't like, reggae, lovers rock or bassment!"

Well that's enough a about the Gov, now it's time to say a little something a about my new work mates! Max and Ness... Wow what a team! We have all been challenged in more ways than one on this job but because we have each other's backs, thats made it so much easier. I have to say I am so honoured to be working alongside such talented people, thank you guys for teaching me the art of teamwork. 

Tom Eric and Andrew... Thank you guys for giving me the chance to shine and bring my mission to the masses. Tom... well done for letting the Governor lead, he's a very brave and humble man that allows this to happen but I must say, you or we are in very safe hands. Eric... well from day one you have been there pushing to get things moving on, plus now you are behind the scenes making sure we have everything in place. Try not to look so worried, even if we are the only Blacks in the village. Now to Andrew, well he's the Big Boss, so he has to get a look in :-) Sir, you have given me support and guidance during this week and I aim to give you more of the vision (on camera) which will inform and educate the viewers.

Wow, this is a full on blog today but I had to do it as there is a lot I'm learning. I wish you all could experience this with me but the only way I can let you do that is to, write a blog. So I hope you like it and here is some photos of the new family that are making tv history.

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