Feels Good

After a year in the workshop I needed to get out and test these skills of mine, do I still have what it takes to teach people? So where better place to test these skills out but only one of the Best furniture stores in the uk, well of course I'm talking about Heal's. https://www.heals.com/ 

The workshop covered the practical art of cleaning, sanding, painting, waxing and varnishing vintage furniture, I also cover how I achieve the style and finish which has become such a key part of the brand. Ok that's the plug bit over 😊, oops sorry I got one more plug, I will be doing workshops up and down the UK so check my events page on Facebook to keep up to date & see if I'm in your area. https://www.facebook.com/Jay-Co-100811059987662/events?key=events 

After the workshop i think everyone, including myself had a great time and I gave all who attended so much information, enough to get them started on creating their on little gems butit got me thinking "why have I never did a blog about the products I use? " So with that fresh in my mind here i go. Im only going to chat about two things today so i don’t bore you silly on a Monday and i just wanted to say "it feels good to be back".

Let’s talk about Primers and one of the best if not the best on the market is by Mylands of London, if you don’t know please get to know. http://www.mylands.co.uk/   

Mylands Primers & Undercoats have been specially designed for use with Mylands wood, metal and masonry paints to provide the perfect foundation and a longer lasting finish.

It comes in a few different colours, this is very useful as some top coats need a lighter or darker shade to give them a fighting chance to shine, this is not the only benefit they also block stains like no other and when dealing with old furniture we could all do with, hiding the stains form yesteryear.

Now with any paint you would need to apply it to the surface and you would normally do this, with a brush, roller or even pad. I have used brushes that have cost as cheap as 50p (which I’ve used for over a year) and also used £5/ £10 and even £15 ones but i have to say, these Purdy Professional Painting Tools are the real winners for me. 

Ive used them for over 4 years and they give me the finish i want every time. If you ever get a chance to work along side me you would know the finish is what I’m all about, i just want the best and picking the right tools is what gives you that. http://www.purdy.co.uk/