I Love Ironing

A very dear friend of mine Allison (a sister from another mother) told me to write about how I relax, so here I go... 

We have such busy lives and we all need to chill out, calm down, de-stress, reflect, take things easy and plan how to move forward, so how do you get your chill on?

Some go on holiday, some go to the gym, some watch tv. For me, I do ironing... yeah that's right you heard me I get the board out! I get a weeks worth of washing and my favourite iron then the real fun begins. 

I find ironing helps me reset and I know some might find that very weird. To some, ironing would be most frustrating & boring task one could ever do in the house. I personally can't wait to get my iron on, because I know this is when I do some of my best thinking. Also it kills two birds with one stone as I love having what I want to wear ready to go. 

Where did this love of washing and ironing come from? I owe it all to my Mum. When I was 11/12 years old my mum washed my favourite jumper which was a White, beige and brown cashmere jumper (it was the eighties so give me a break). Of course... she shrunk it to the size of an action man! I was so upset and from that day forward I said to my mum that she didn't need to wash my clothes anymore as I would take care of it. At first, she thought it was a joke and said okay go ahead but the results again over the years if I do say so myself are very impressive. So much so that my mum started to ask me to iron some of her skirts, blouses and dresses as my standard was so good at the age of 12!

One thing my mum has taught me is to always value what you have (be that clothing, your brain or family). Plus to always look good in whatever you're doing. Coming from a poor background means you don't always have much, so when it comes to having anything I really do value it and look after it which makes them last. 

Over the years I've started to master this craft, and now I even fold my shirts exactly how they came to me from the shop. Applying the plastic back into the collars to keep them up right, looking and feeling brand-new. I also take the same time and care in trousers, jackets, jumpers and T-shirts. Take a look, maybe you might even be inspired to do some ironing of your own.  

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