Jay & Co's Magic

Hello All, me again! I think I am going to chat about trainers again, if you don't like trainers then apologies because I really love them. So with that in mind, I want to blog about my first ever grown up pair of trainers. What I mean by grown-up is that they cost a certain amount of money and they come in a travel bag, now that is very fancy. 

I love white trainers… I've only owned three pairs in my whole life and I have regretted buying them. Simply because the first time you wear them, they get dirty and then never look as good or new as they did when you first bought them. 

So when I fell in love with these white trainers from Blood Brother, their slogan is “NEVER ALONE.” and I think this is really cool. One of the co-founders (James) was given an award for being the most inspirational speaker in 2015. I had to do something different to this pair, I had to give them a little bit of Jay & Co magic which will mean that I'll be able to wear them a lot longer than a normal white pair of trainers. And you’re wondering why? This is because these will grow and I can add to the design as they get older. 

This week I asked for the help of my social media family to give me some suggestions on what colour I should be splashing to the lovely white trainers. I must say the ideas of colours combinations came flooding in, thank you all for your lovely comments!

So it gives me great pleasure to announce and reveal my lovely white trainers with a social media input. 

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