6 P's

Hello, You ok? And how was your weekend? Well, I had a really good one... thanks for asking ;-).

Ok let's get onto this blog. If anyone knows me or has been to one of my workshops, you would know that i just LOVE this saying: "Perfect Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance". What this means is PLAN PLAN PLAN and then every thing will work out just fine!

So with this in mind, I did some planning of my footwear... 'Errrrmmm what', I hear you say. Well today I got all my shoes ready for the spring/summer season and prepared them for the wonderful world full of dust and British weather. Have I totally lost you yet? Ok, let me get to the point... I got all my shoes out of hybernation and used some protector made by https://jasonmarkk.com. I will not bore you all too much but this product really works and if you need to clean your shoes anytime soon then get your hands on some of this stuff!!! Check out my pictures :D

Jay Blades