Rescuing Colour

Hello, how you guys doing?

Last year I went to a house that filled me up with enough colour to keep me going forever!

Ms. Pink and Mr Black, the creative partnership behind Quirk & Rescue, also offer a bespoke design service. Quirk & Rescue are an East London design duo specialising in: wallpaper, cushions, fabric and bespoke hand-painted furniture. All their designs are original and based on elements as diverse as typography, music and 19th century optical illusions. Their signature style uses bold colours combined with flat graphics, resulting in a range of products that are both classic and modern. Ok that's the Plug over. ;-)

They were kind enough to offer me a couple of rolls of their beautiful wallpaper... The only thing was that I needed to pick them up from their home. Going to a designers home is always interesting because you can see where their ideas come from and how they are living with them.

I entered their home & my eyes had to adjust to the tasteful, playful, clever, stylish and individual use of colours. I must say, I wasn't disappointed with ANY part of this house. My eyes were everywhere taking in everything possible for me, it was like being in colour heaven. Well if you don't know Quirk & Rescue get to know and I hope you like what you see!

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