Thank you Guys

Good morning all, hope the Easter break was a really good one. 

For me I was working most of it but on Monday I had a day off and I loved, every moment of it. I think we all need a bit of a break to reflect on what we have achieved and I've done exactly that. 

The one thing for me is recognising people and the support they have given me & oh boy have I got some really good people around me, thank you guys. 

It's a strange blog today because it's all about other people so here we go. 

Both associates - have produced some really beautiful artwork for the tour and workshops. 

Diffusion - these guys have done nothing but support me. šŸ˜Š (who have a great 70% sale on at the moment) 

Katy Homes - working hard behind the scenes for the tour. 

Average Joe - this young man has helped me out in the workshop when I needed it the most.

House of Mamas - working super hard on the tour.

Jay Blades