Sometimes you have an experience that moves you for the plain and simple fact that you're a part of it. Sometimes you create something that also moves you. I know this might sound a bit heavy for a Monday morning but I had an experience that created something that will make sense once you see what I'm talking about...

On Friday I went to the little mix concert over at Birmingham NEC. It was my first ever concert would you believe it! At 46 this was my first one and I must say I spent most of the evening with my jaw dropped of the pure showmanship of the concert. I never knew what to expect and I must say I definitely wasn't disappointed. 

The music, the crowd and the band working as one, was a real sight to see. I have to take my hat off to the girls for performing for an hour and forty five minutes with no breaks, apart from little sips of water ... this was a real cardio workout session. 

As Little Mix sang "little me" I noticed Leigh-Anne getting emotional and almost ready to go into a full on cry. At that point I wanted to jump on stage and offer my support to her to keep going, as I have done in the past on many occasions when she performed at our youth club events. It's only when we went back stage after the show, she told me why she started to cry during that song. "I cried Jay because you were in the audience and it reminded me of how far I've come and the support that you have given me". I must say I started filling up a bit at that point, I was so humbled by her statement it left me speechless. 

Then they began to sing a song called "wings" and I'm telling you, you should of seen the arena come alive with excitement and joy. At that moment it made me remember the chairs that I created for the BBC program money for nothing. All the furniture that we create is named after people who we admire or an inspiration to us. I must say after attending my first ever concert I inspired and admire the performance of the four young ladies on stage. So it gives me great pleasure to name these chairs, Leigh-Anne, Jade, Perrie and Jesy.