Constellation Part 1

Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with so many young people and I have enjoyed every moment of this. I have worked with some of these young people from the ages of 13 and they have now grown up and formed their own careers. All of these individuals have dispersed into a wide variety of careers and it gives me great joy to know how much they are achieving. 

The reason why I am doing this blog is because on Friday I am going to a concert that one of these special individuals invited me to. She used to be in a choir that we set up at the local youth club a good few years ago and she grew in confidence to enable her to follow a music career. She now has the opportunity to offer me the chance to watch her perform on tour when it doesn't seem so long ago that she joined the youth club as a young person and became a volunteer. The young lady I am talking about is Leigh-Anne from Little Mix! She now offers support to many girls who admire and look up to her and in my eyes she has become a brilliant role model. 

Before I go on and talk about anybody else, I would like to apologise to anybody who I have left out within this blog because there are so many of you guys and I can’t talk about all of you right now…. So I have had to pick out a few. The nicest thing in doing this type of work is that you get to see the fruits of your labour, come alive and mature. I am proud of every young person that I have ever worked with, even the ones that are still fighting their battle and improving themselves… their time will come. 

Please check out some of the links, pictures below and :) because you might be in Part 2.