Five Hours

Sometimes you don't even know you've done it until you look back and see what you have done... “and only then” when you see it, you can't even believe it is what you created.

If you're a maker, you will understand this blog. If you're not, start making something. Today I had a really, I mean really productive creative and peaceful day in the workshop. 

I got there about 12 noon and left at 5pm, coat off and put on my work jacket. I put on the radio, classic fm of course... picked up my sanding pad and got prepared to sand down everything before painting commenced. 

Being at my workshop has and always does give me a chance to clear my mind of the weeks activities and get prepared for the coming week. I was also able to finish off work that had been looming and take pictures, that I'm proud off. 

The last five hours really has been brilliant.

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