Sands of Time

Question: what do you do with a dark wood Ercol chair? To sand or not to sand, now that's the real question. 

Over the years i have hand and machine sanden a number of chairs, the hours I've spent doing this must be well over 10’000 which makes me a craftsman in sanding. Getting the stain out of the chair to expose the naked timber has always been a real, time consuming and mind numbing exercise. So i have always been on the look out, for a new way to cut this time spent doing this, right down as the young people i work with have not enjoyed this side of the job.

A few years back i took a set of chairs to be stripped (the process of stripping a door is mainly carried out using a very diluted chemical in water) and i must say the results was so bad, the chairs had to be thrown away. The glue in the joints had come out, making the chairs come apart and the wood was very damp plus i, was unable to re-glue them back into a shape of a chair. They were most definitely, fit for the bin. I was so gutted when this did not work out but ever the optimist, I’m onto the next thing or back to the sanding block. 

Ever since i heard about sandblasting i always wanted to give it a go, just needed to be brave and let someone lose on the chairs. The outcomes have fascinated me because its just like, drift wood washed up on the beach.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine ( Ginger's Vintage & Retro Home)  recommended a guy in Wolverhampton that, could help and accommodate my wishes on, removing dark stain from the chairs. 

I am so Happy, Over the Moon, Chuffed and can’t wait to work on them. I would love to know what you guys think of, how they have turned out. 

FurnitreJay BladesComment