Ones & Twos

Hello again and how you doing, Well i hope?  By now you guys would have guessed i just, Love my trainers (with all the blogs about them) even ones i don't have. I wanted to give my shoes a bit of time in the limelight too, so here is a little blog about my shoes. 

So men, listen up to what a young lady said the other day.

."...... And you have good shoes and trainers and girls appreciate impeccable footwear! Shoes have always been a deal breaker for me!"

So with this in mind i have a few tips, to keep your shoe game, tight  and looking right.

1. buy classics, the shape will never die.

2. always put your shoes to sleep in a box, after you have worn them.

3. give your shoes a light polish before you wear them (you never know who you might meet)

4. make sure you use shoe fillers every time your'e not wearing the shoes (helps to keep their shape before they go to bed).  

5. If you have done steps 1-4 then, show off them shoes, lift/ roll those trousers up so we can all get a good look.

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