Social Upcycling

The other day I popped in to see my dear friend Barley, who runs Fabrications down in Broadway Market in Hackney. I have known her from the very start of me getting into this making world and I admire what she does. If you ever get the chance to pop into her shop please do so. Don't worry this is not a plug blog. 😊😊

So as I was working near by I thought let me go and say hello. As you do with an old friend we had a lot to catch up on and get up to present day with where we are both at now. She said something to me that got me thinking, BIG TIME. 

I know you guys can't wait to hear what she said, so here you go…

We were talking about the work we both do, then she said "well Jay I've been doing a bit of Social UpCycling, like you." I said "Ah, is that what I do?" "Yes" she said. I was like "WOW, I never even thought of it like that." 

Sometimes in life you are given a different view of what you do, that allows you to go deeper, think bigger and act in a way that makes you realise the implications of your actions really do matter. Barley got me valuing what I do much more than I have ever before. I just plod along working with young people, supporting and mentoring people who are starting their new business, that I never ever think of the social upcycling consequences. 

So the real aim of this blog is two fold.

One is to said a BIG thank you to Barley for getting me to stop and think about what I actually do, on a day to day basis.

Then the other reason for this blog is to get YOU to think, about YOU. What could you do, or are doing which can aid Social Upcycling? 

It's not a call to arms but a call to stop, look and listen (just like how I was taught across the road, back in the 70s) to others opinions of what you do. Even if it's a negative observation, we can use it constructively to move forward in a positive way that can help others, who we may never come into contact with. 

What are you doing to support Social UpCycling? 

Jay Blades