'You're a celebrity'... Really, am I?!

The other day I received an email asking me if I wanted to be part of a TV programme. The TV programmes title had 'celebrity' in it (I'm not allowed to name the show). Replying to the email I thought it was a bit of a joke or was it a bit of spam that found its way to me. As I read the email it was addressed to me so I was curious to ring up the number and find out "do you know who I am?" I asked the person, they said "yes" and I said have you got it wrong because I'm not a celebrity and she said well I believe you are.

This got me thinking to myself, really am I a celebrity and do I feel like one? What does a celebrity actually feel like?

To me, being on TV has somehow elevated me to this kind of status, and I still don't know if I feel very comfortable with a 'celebrity' title but I'll keep you posted on how I get on with that. 

But the other day I was having a break (from filming) and I went to this cute coffee/tea shop. It was quite busy and it was mainly middle-aged ladies sat having a catch up in there. I have nothing against that, it's probably the best way to judge a good place to have a cup of tea and a slice of cake!

I had eaten a cheese and pickle sandwich and now I was enjoying my Oreo cupcake (yes it was amazing, I just love food - Little side note) when these two ladies opposite me were talking about different shows that they like. 

You won't believe this but they started talking about this West Indian guy from Wolverhampton who has a big warehouse and does amazing things with furniture, they went on to compliment this guys work in a way that you would not believe it. Of course they were talking about me! They talked about the different shows I have done and my love for Ercol. They were talking about me so much that I started to get embarrassed and I had to say something. I turned to them and said  "thank you so much for all the compliments you have both said about me and my work." They both looked at me quite strangely and then one of them asked, "is it you?" she said, I replied "yes". They said "no way, how embarrassing... we normally sit here critiquing shows but your work is beautiful!" They both still couldn't believe I was there and they were chatting about me, so I got my phone out and showed them the work that they were talking about from the show. I have to say they then became as embarrassed as I was.

I then showed her a picture of one of the couches that I did for the show. It felt very strange to have someone talking about me and really nicely about the work that I do. Don't get me wrong on social media people often comment on how beautiful my work is but to be in an environment where these random ladies were talking so complimentary about my work it made me go red with embarrassment, pride and enjoyment that I've been able to enter someone's life, that I would never normally meet. 

So if this celebrity status brings me closer to people and them liking my work, then bring it on. 

Jay Blades