I didn't get paid to do this or given any free food (hint hint maybe next time) but I just wanted to say well done to the team…

I stayed at The White Horse, in Chichester, West Sussex. I got there about 7pm after a long drive from Manchester, yes I did stop once but you’re right it was a hard one. 

As I entered the pub to check in to my hotel room, I was welcomed by an open fire to warm me up from the freezing -1 temperature outside. The Oak beams and the rustic but clean furniture caught my eye. It received the most delightful smile from the bar staff asking ‘you must be Mr Blades?’ Don't worry Mum you taught me well, I politely smiled back and answered ‘yes that would be me!’ 

I checked into my room then came quickly back to the bar, not for another smile but the sweet smell of food had hit me from the car park. The food was amazing plus I was able to make 7 Pom Poms and for the first time in a very long time, I was FULL and I didn't need anything else. One very happy bunny ready for bed!

The room was nice and it was the first time I had ever slept in a four poster bed. Very cool in an urban way, if you see the room you would understand that statement. I haven't posted any photos of the room because you need to see it yourself. 😉 it's a much better impact if you don't know what your getting. 

The main reason for this blog is to plug what I think ALL hotels should be doing, so here I go:

I just love being warm, so when I go and stay at a hotel the main deal clincher is heating. You can put me in the best hotel in the world but if it's cold, I'm off. 

For me The White Horse have got it SO right. I was very comfortable ALL night and morning. To me, hotels either get this super right or get it so wrong. 

White Horse thank you so much for such a cosy & comfortable stay.  

I also like the old school approach to social media, you have to experience it though the experience not from a picture. 👌🏽I know I've just contradicted that I'm talking about the rooms. 

Jay Blades