I’m So Proud Part 1

If you can put up with me then you can achieve anything, anywhere, anytime. ‘What do you mean?’ I can hear you say… Well as a mentor not many people can handle me because I say things how I see them and I’m always about moving you forward. With that said, not many people can take that level of truth being said to them all in one go and I totally get it but every now and again, people put up with me and they start to see the end goal and then they fully understand what I have been saying all along.

I have been supporting people since 1999 and I must say I do enjoy it. Especially when you see them doing good and things are really working for them. There is a few young people I would like to BIG UP, over the next few weeks and hopefully get you guys to support their success plus, wish them good luck.

The 1st one on stage is Sophie Thompson (AKA @terrariumdesigns). I have used her designs - fabric on my chairs and I just LOVE them but the BIG thing for me is knowing she is getting lots of love on ‘Not on The Highstreet’ where she has a page, selling her wonderful creations. I believed in her ability to stand out in this sea of designers and she has put up with me telling her, what she should do and not do with her business. Sophie I am so proud of you, what you have & going to achieve. 

As I said earlier I am a real hard task master and anyone that can put up with me, will most definitely be ready to face the big wide world and reap all of the benefits that they deserve.

Please share, like and get to know this young lady. We all need support from time to time and “We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.”

Jay Blades