Pause Button

The other day I was sitting down and I was thinking about what colours to put together. Then I thought to myself, you're really lucky to be in this position. I got thinking how did I get to this position and the people that have supported me to get where I am.

There are so many people that have got me to this positive position in my life, even the ones that don't like what I'm doing. 

So this is a very different kind of blog because it's all about pressing the pause button and recognising where I am. 

There are so many names to thank that I would be here all night so I won't bore you with that but what I will say is, try stopping and thanking the people around you for having your back. 

Onto the people who have my back, you will receive a text from me in the next few weeks thanking you for the support you have given me and for having my back. 

Jay Blades