Have we done it?

A few weeks back I did a blog about the Ercol 375 chair. In a nut shell have we been able to make this chair cool? Was the bar set too high? Can you make the uncool, very cool? 

Well let's see...

I am so happy to tell you, "Well we have only just gone and done it!" 

We decided to sandblast the chair to give us a nice base to work from. When I saw the grain the sandblasting had left us, it was a no brainier, it had to be black. The wood looked so much like charred wood and as I don't have the means to achieve such a look the normal way, getting it this way made me so happy.  

By using the black paint it lifted the grain even more,  which made the whole chair a great statement item. 

To me I think we had done it, made the uncool cool but I would like you guys to tell me what you think. 

Have we done it?

FurnitreJay Blades