Crafting Colour

Today I had a really good talk with a dear friend of mine Sebastian Cox and he told me that "you can only call yourself a Craftsman, when you have done 10,000 hours in a particular craft". So I gathered I've done over 10,000 hours using colour on furniture and way over 10,000 (maybe even 20,000 hours) working with young people. This makes me a Craftsman of using colour and maybe a Master Craftsman, on working with young people. So I thank you Sir (Mr Cox) for helping me to fall in love with me, again (new titles always help). 

So now back to me blog. I just love colour and where I can add it I will do so. This means even to what I wear, I think most are too scared to add colour. When I look at colour it makes me smile and brings a joy to my soul.

I would add colour where most people would not be brave enough to do so. If you look at this series of photos you can see what I mean, The Clash is not right (& I'm not talking about the band) but it so works. Enjoy...