Bread & Shutter

I love doing collaborations… and when you get it right, it just works.

‘What are you talking about?’ I hear you say.

Well, let me try and explain:

I met this guy called Barry who is a lighting specialist but also a brilliant photographer. I met him when I was working on The Repair Shop, which by the way the new series will be on BBC2 - 12th of March. Do you like the way I got that plug? Barry has taken some pictures for The Repair Shop and I have to say, they are a different class.

So we got chatting as you do and one thing lead to another… he said he would like to come and take some pictures of me in my workshop.

Let me just say, it’s not just about taking pictures. It’s also about creating a look that tells a story… and there are not many people that can do this.

So almost a year later our diaries had a window where we could execute this cunning plan. The date was set, the clothes were pressed, LET THE GAMES COMMENCE.

The building is extremely cold so you can only be in there for about 3 hours maximum, before your fingers and toes start to go numb.

We spoke about the theme and look I wanted and Barry ever the professional just nodded and said okay.

The first picture we took, I just knew we were on to a winner. I can go as far to say that we were creating history. When two creative minds come together, it can be quite hard to become one and produce the perfect piece of art.

Well, Barry has edited about 17 of the 50 photos we took. I have to say every one of them, yes every one is a winner and they tell a story that is so powerful. Also, I’m so excited to show you these photos but I have to wait.

Here is one photo that you can have a look at and tell me what you think. Please.

Rav Rayet