Beautiful Set of Ercol Pebble Tables

Beautiful Set of Ercol Pebble Tables


A Beautiful Set of Ercol Pebble Tables All in good condition and  structurally sound. HandPainted with Morrells Black Lacquer and dripped with Bristrol Paints and Dulux, showing they belong in our "Little Stars" range

The little stars range is a showcase of the talented young people I work with. They have the courage confidence and charisma to take what we do to another level. This range will excite you, ignite passion and instigate debate. 

So while we strive to innovate some will follow others will challenge and a number may criticise but this range for sure will not go unnoticed.




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Height - 33cm
Width - 35cm
Depth - 25cm

Price is Per Table


Height - 37cm
Width - 50cm
Depth - 34cm


Height - 41cm
Width - 66cm
Depth - 44cm