Today's blog is short, simple but most of all Very Very stylish.

Ok, 1st things 1st I would like to say a BIG Thank to all the artist's that have taken part in this Paris Range.

Victoria Chapman (Young Lady's head)

Anna Jacobs (Birds)

The aforementioned are all part of the Paris Range. 

The Paris Range shows an appreciation of art and Artists work. Normally an artists work would be on a wall but I wanted to have it placed on my furniture to create a statement piece and a timeless classic.

My new “Paris” range has been inspired by my other daughter who is named Paris. 

She has shown me that things do not always have to be the way they are seen and she looks at things from a different perspective. A phoenix can really rise from the flames!

So in other words… be brave, dare to be different, keep it classic and it will be timeless. This is what the Paris range is all about. 

What do you think?

Oi ya i almost forgot to say, here is the meaning of Voilà is: used when showing to other people something that you have just made or got and are pleased with. 

Jay Blades